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How to Quickly and Easily Submit
to Website Search Engines

This page provides links to the quickest way to submit your website to important search engines. Just click the links below and submit the requested information.

Get an email account with or or Google.
They are available free, and can be accessed from any computer on the internet. Having an email account with them helps to keep junk mail out of your primary email account. It's a good idea to always use your junk email account when registering your email address on any website except the most trusted.

Search engines are listed in order of preference, then work down the list.

  2. Alexa
  3. also AltaVista and AlltheWeb
  4. MSN
  5. DMOZ Open Directory Project and AOL
  6. National Directory
  7. Scrub The Web

The following sites are good but difficult to submit to. Sometimes you're required to pay a listings fee. Look closely at them and compare prices. Also, you might be able to identify a way to get listed without paying, but I could the free listing area.

  2. Ask Jeeves (might have to pay to be listed)
  3. Lycos (pay to be listed on FAST and Inktomi)
  4. what U seek (might have to pay to be listed), is a terrific website filled with information on search engines. Here's a good article to start with: The Major Search Engines.

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