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Artist Website Development

We understand that artists have special requirements, and also that they don't require the most expensive options when it comes to website design. Therefore, we've put together an economical package that will have you looking good and represented online with a professional website. Our goal is to deliver the most professional level of service possible. And, we'll work closely with you to come up best solution for your website, one that will not only showcase your artwork but also represent you as a professional artist.

Special Artist Offer!

Up to a 10 page website with any of the following sections:

  • Home Page
  • Biography or Resume
  • Artwork Gallery
  • Artist Statement
  • Exhibition Listings
  • Essays
  • Artist Technical Information
  • Copyright Information
  • Sales Information Page
  • Contact Info
  • Links Page

We'll provide you with a custom designed website that includes your own unique look and
feel, web gallery for your images and custom graphics based on your needs and preferences.

Also Included!
  • Search Engine Optimization, including Keywords, Meta-Tags, Description and Title.
  • Submission to the Top Search Engines (Google, Alta Vista, MSN, AOL and Yahoo).
  • Uploading of website to Host Provider.
  • Two hours of training related to website updating or web marketing.
  • Sixty days of website updates at no extra charge.

Price $750.00!

Other Costs: Additional web pages you might want, custom graphics or logo, extra training, site updates beyond sixty days of going live, custom databases or submissions to fee based search engines may add additional costs. Re-work and corrections needed on any artworks that are to be display on your gallery page. If your website requires any services such as the items listed above, the cost to you will be $50.00 an hour.

Note: This proposal assumes that the artist will provide the finished text for the website and that all images are in a digital format ready to post to the web. This proposal does not include any backend database or mailing list components and it does not include any e-commerce solutions that you might require.

Please send us an email if you'd like us to create your artist website.

If you already have a website and would like suggestions for improving it and optimizing it for the major search engines, please let us know. The cost of this service is $40.00 and you'll receive a detailed report on ways to make your website better. Please contact us if you want more information on this service.


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