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Creating A Successful Career In Photography

This is an electronic book featuring pre-formatted artist business forms (computer templates) along with easy to understand advise on how to protect yourself and succeed in the business of art. The publication was specifically designed for artists, it's easy to use, and extremely helpful in creating your much needed and important artist documents, forms and contracts.

The publication was created for fine art photographers, but artists working in other mediums will also benefit from using it. Also, gallery owners, artist representatives and art consultants and will find the publication very beneficial.

Artist support materials (business forms) are very important in helping to portray an artist is
a serious and professional artist. Having good support material says a lot about you and can help sway and educate decision makers on whether to represent you, show your work or purchase your artwork. Gallery owners and corporate art consultants know the importance of good artist support materials because the use them when making art sales.

Purchasing this publication you will save hours of time because you will quickly and easily create your artist support material. The forms are easy to use, professionally designed and can be customized to fit your personal needs.

The price is only $9.95 for 35 artist business forms.
You'll also receive valuable tips and instructions on how to use and customize the forms.


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