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Web Maintenance and Site Tune-Ups

If you have a website, this section will be useful because it addresses the important topic of "Website Maintenance". How can you make sure your website is working correctly and functioning the way you expect it to. The links will take you to information on how to check your website or make your website better.

The links are listed in a particular order, so start with the first one and then work through the section. Also, go ahead and bookmark this page because you'll want to return to it.


Site Testing and Website Tune-Ups

Once you have created your website, you should think about testing it and making sure it looks correct in all browsers. Your website should be optimized to first work in Internet Explorer 6 and then in Netscape 7 the most frequently used browsers. Also, make sure it works in the Opera browser. The four websites below provide tools for checking your code and optimizing your website.

NetMechanic: Check your links, HTML, page load time and spelling.
Free sample that checks up to 20 pages.

W3C Markup Validation Service: A free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C recommendations and other standards.

DoctorHTML: A web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds.


Testing Graphics

OptiView: Formerly called GIF Wizard reduces GIFs, JPGs and BMPs up to 90% without sacrificing quality.

NetmechanicGifBot: Submit your image for reduction. Submit a web page and they will list the images that need to be web optimized.

Browser Testing They have several useful tools. The "Site Viewer" will check your code to see how it works in different browsers. The site also, includes several articles on web development.

General Site Maintenance

Microsoft bCentral: This is Microsoft's attempt at creating a useful and easy to use website to assist you with building a successful  business website. It features articles, resources and small business tools. Topics include Internet Marketing, Websites and Commerce and Business Management.

Affiliate Programs

I've used affiliate programs for years and about the only one that makes any money for us is and selling books through our links to them.

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