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Edward Weston Master of Photography

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Edward Weston Brief History

Born in Highland Park, Illinois, March 24th, 1886. Weston, took his first photographs in Chicago parks, 1902. Went to California, 1906, stayed and decided to become a portrait photographer. Married Flora May Chandler in 1909; four sons born: Chandler, 1910; Brett, 1911; Neil, 1914; Cole, 1919. Opened his first portrait studio, in what is now Glendale, California in 1911. Studio in Mexico City, 1923-1925; returned to San Francisco for six months. Photographed with Tina Modotti and son Brett throughout Mexico, 1926. Opened studio in Carmel, 1928. With Ansel Adams and Willard Van Dyke formed Group f/64 in 1932. Married Charis Wilson, 1938. Worked in color film while on location with Willard Van Dyke for film An American Photographer, 1947.

Stricken with Parkinson's disease Edward Weston made his last photographs on Point Lobos in 1948 and he died in 1958.

With Brett's help, published his 50th Anniversary portfolio in 1955.

Through the generosity of a friend he was able to choose some 800 negatives that he considered to be his best works and then supervised Brett in making eight sets of each print in 1955-1956.

Awards: First Guggenheim Fellowship in 1937; extended in 1938.

Early Exhibitions include: Mexico City in 1923 and 1924; and major retrospectives at Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1946 and in Paris in 1950.

Early Books: California and the West by C. W. Weston, 1940; special edition of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, 1941; My Camera on Point Lobos, 1950; The Daybooks of Edward Weston, vol. I 1962, vol. II, 1966. More books listed below.

He used an l0" x 8" inch view camera and most of his prints were contact prints.

Edward Weston Biography from the Weston family website:

Exhibition History at The Silver Image Gallery

Our first exhibition of his work held December 9 - January 12, 1975.
This was a group exhibition called CARMEL AREA PHOTOGRAPHERS
Artist included: Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Edward Weston, Cole Weston, Ted Orland, Al Weber, Henry Gilpin, Richard Garrod, Morley Baer and Steve Crouch.

June 30 - July 31, 1977
Edward Weston, E. J. Bellocq, and Eikoh Hose

November 30 - December 31, 1978 - One Person Exhibition (Mini Retrospective)
Special Guest of Honor: CHARIS WILSON WESTON
Two posters were published "Two Shells" and "Nude 1936".
Charis, was the guest of honor and this was also a first book signing for her newly released book "California and the West". We were the first gallery/bookstore in the
United States to have the books available. She also signed posters and postcards.

Weston's work was also featured in five group exhibitions between 1981 - 1991.

In addition, we had the pleasure of exhibiting photographs by both Brett Weston and Cole Weston at the Silver Image. Hopefully, this web page will help educate you to the wonders and tremendous legacy of the Edward Weston and his family

Silver Image Edward Weston Exhibition Posters
Nude 1936 and Two Shells

Edward Weston Museum Exhibitions

If you know of current or future exhibitions of Edward Weston's work,
please let us know via email so we can list them.

Edward Weston Books

Edward Weston : Forms of Passion
The Daybooks of Edward Weston
Edward Weston: The Last Years in Carmel
Edward and Brett Weston: Dune
Tina Modotti & Edward Weston: The Mexico Years
Portraits by Edward Weston
Edward Weston : His Life
Edward, Cole, Kim Weston: 3 Generations of American Photography
Margrethe Mather & Edward Weston: A Passionate Collaboration
Edward Weston (Masters of Photography Series)

Hard to Find Weston Books

Edward Weston: A Legacy
Edward Weston : 1886-1958
Edward Weston by Terence Pitts
Edward Weston : Nudes
Through Another Lens: My Years With Edward Weston

Special Edition Books

Laughing Eyes
A Collection of Letters Between Edward and Cole Weston
Limited Edition with Print

Edward Weston Posters

Not many posters are available at this time but you might try contacting the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona. We've heard that they have a few posters for sale in their gift shop.

Edward Weston Postcards

Edward Weston (Postcard books)

Original Edward Weston Photographs for Sale

Etherton Gallery
Lee Gallery
The Weston Gallery
A Gallery for Fine Photography
Andrew Smith Gallery
Afterimage Gallery
Robert Koch Gallery
Scheinbaum & Russek
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Robert Mann Gallery
Paul M. Hertzmann

Edward Weston Prints from the Weston family website

Other Online Edward Weston Resources


Edward Weston book


Edward Weston book


Edward Weston book


Edward Weston book


Edward Weston book



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