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After completing a body of work, the goal of most artists is to have their artworks featured in a exhibition. However, finding good art galleries and exhibition space is not an easy task and it takes time and effort. This article features ideas and information on how to locate art galleries and exhibition space to display your artwork.

First, identify a few art galleries where you would like to exhibit. After identifying potential galleries or exhibition space your next task is convince the decision makers that your artworks should be exhibited. It is important to carefully figure out the best way to introduce yourself and your artwork. This is also where a good carefully planned and organized artist portfolio comes into play.

Be sure to read Artist Portfolio Guidelines, because it goes into detail and provides steps on how to organize your artist portfolio, how to contact art galleries, the best way to present your portfolio, and other advise for your art presentation.

What I want you to remember at this time, is that the whole process of finding a gallery, getting to know them, and presenting your portfolio takes time and careful planning. First impressions are as important as a well organized portfolio and how well you are personally liked will also have a big impact on whether your artworks is shown or represented. Always act in a professional business-like manner and master your portfolio presentation skills.

Your art career is important, so learn as much as you can about the business of art. If you’re creative, master the process of making good artwork, have patience and work hard at finding the right exhibition spaces, you will find art galleries and exhibition spaces willing to work with you.

Locating Art Galleries and Exhibition Space

How do you identify and locate art galleries, exhibition space or art sale outlets? The best way is to get on the Internet or visit your local library and do some art homework! Finding potential exhibition spaces can be difficult and challenging but one thing is for sure, you’ll need to do some research.

Local Newspapers: Look for art gallery listings in local newspapers, they will usually be found in the arts and entertainment section and appear once or twice a week. You will find that most newspapers also have online versions making the Internet an important resource for locating articles about art, art galleries and online newspapers. provides comprehensive links to online daily newspaper:

Gallery Guides: Regional or national photography and art gallery guides are an excellent place to look for galleries. Here are four that provided good online art gallery listings.

  • Photograph - Photography exhibition listings in New York, national and international photography exhibition listings.
  • - Art galleries in the Northwest, including Seattle and Portland art galleries.
  • ArtScene - Southern California art galleries.

Other Online Gallery Listings: Be sure to check Art-Support's two online gallery guides, updated and checked frequently.

Monthly Magazines: B&W (Black & White Magazine) is currently one of the best photography magazines and they include a listing of photography exhibitions in the magazine.
For a list of current photography magazines.

Ask your photography friends if they have any ideas about where to exhibit your work. Pick their brains, especially regarding towns that you have not visited. They might introduce you to the galleries they are affiliated with. Get active on-line and use email. Also, talk to art professionals like, museum curators, gallery owners, critics, art professors, and framers. They will most likely have ideas on who you can contact regarding exhibition spaces.

Talk with local art consultants and corporate art consultants, they may have valuable ideas about art venues for showing your work. You will usually find art consultants listed in the yellow pages along with art dealers.

To find addition exhibition spaces be sure to check's other photography resources:

Photography Galleries
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