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Books on Fashion Photography and Figure Photography

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Please note, this book list has not been changed or updated in two years, therefore,
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Creative Techniques for Nude Photography in Black and White
Christopher Grey, Lucien Clergue (Introduction)

Black & White Model Photography
Bill Lemon, Bill Lennon

Infrared Nude Photography
Joseph Paduano

Black & White Nude Photography
Stan Trampe

Nude & Beauty Photography
Nancy Brown

John Hedgecoe's Figure & Form Photographing the Nude
John Hedgecoe

Erotique: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
Rod Ashford (Editor)

Nude Body Nude
Howard Schatz(Photographer), Beverly J. Ornstein(Editor)

The Century of the Body: 100 Photoworks 1900-2000
William A. Ewing (Editor), et al

Melvin Sokolsky: Seeing Fashion
Melvin Sokolsky (Photographer), Martin Harrison

Fashion Photography Now
Catherine Chermayeff (Editor); Paperback

Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now
Serge Normant

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