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Documentary Films and
DVD's about Photographers

This section feature documentary films about photographers or films by photographers. It also includes a section on Hollywood movies that prominently portray photographers either real photographers or fictional photographers. You will find a selection of films by Ken Burns, a great documentary filmmaker who has mastered the use of still photographs to create very good films. If you have suggests on films to add, please let us know.


Hollywood Movies featuring Photographers


If you have recommendation of Hollywood type movies that portray photographers, please let me know, so I can list them.

Ken Burns Film Documentaries

Each film link take you to where you can quickly and easily purchase them.
If you are looking for gift ideas, these would be very well received by anyone interested in photography or the history of photography.

Photography Bookstore
In association with, our bookstore features a nice selection of beautiful photography and art books, a selection of artist business books, DVD's and much more.

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Amazon's Book of the Month Site for reading and gift suggestions.  


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