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Books on the History of Photography
and the Care of Collections

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Please note: This is an old listing of books and many of the books may be out of print or
only available as used books. 

Books by Subject

The History Photography

An American Century of Photography

A World History of Photography

Photography: An Illustrated History (Oxford Illustrated Histories)

Photography (7th Edition)

The History of Japanese Photography

The Origins of Photography (The History of Photography / Helmut Gernsheim)

Revisions: An Alternative History of Photography

Mexican Suite : A History of Photography in Mexico

Seizing the Light: A History of Photography

McDermott & McGough : A History of Photography

History of Photography

A New History of Photography

The Nature of Photographs

Photospeak:  A Guide to the Ideas, Movements, and Techniques
of Photography, 1839 to the Present


Care and Preservations of Photographs

book cover

An Ounce of Preservation : A Guide to the Care of Papers and Photographs

Collector's Guide to Early Photographs

Caring for Your Family Treasures: Heritage Preservation

Handcoloring Photographs

Handcoloring Photographs

Handcoloring Photographs: Step by Step

Hand Coloring Black & White Photography: Step-By-Step Guide

The Art of Handpainting Photographs logo

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