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Artist Support Forms
Your Artist Paper Work and Artist Business Forms

Your artist support materials (artist information sheet, price sheet, resume, etc.)
are extremely important in helping to portray that you are a serious and professional artist, one that is worthy of being represented by a gallery or purchased by collectors.

Make sure that you always have good artist hand-outs. There is no excuse for poorly produced artist support materials. The best time to hand out your artist support materials is just after your work has been shown.

Creating good artist support materials with computers is very easy. Keep scrolling down this page for sample artist business forms and information on my publication. Also, keep an eye out for the free sample business forms.

Created primarily for fine art photographers, however other visual artists will find the publication, the advice and the artist business forms useful.

Creating A Successful Career In Photography

What is it? How will it help you?
It's an electronic book...... it's a BUSINESS PUBLICATION of pre-formatted artist
business forms and advise on the business of art.

By purchasing this publication you will save hours of time. The forms are
professionally designed and easy to customize for your personal needs.

For $9.95 you will have access to 35 business forms, plus important information
that will help you create a successful career in art

Keep scrolling this page for sample business forms.

Table of Contents

To view an actual forms and instructions for using them
click on one of the underlined forms below:


1) Stationery
2) Artist Information Sheet
3) Price Sheet
4) Print Identification Stamp
5) Certificate of Print Authenticity
6) Framing and Handling Information
7) Resume
8) Artist Statement
9) Artist Technical Information
10) Shipping Labels
11) Contents Warning Insert Sheet

Sales Forms

12) Bill of Sale
13) Terms & Conditions of Sale
14) Payment Plan Agreement
15) Rental-Purchase Agreement
16) Artwork Commission Agreement

Gallery Forms

17) Artist/Gallery Contract
18) Expense Contract
19) Basic Exhibition Agreement
20) Consignment Sheet
21) Print Delivery Memo
22) Print Order Form
23) Acknowledgment of Order

Exhibition Forms

24) Exhibition Announcement
25) Small Announcement Postcard (Horizontal)
26) Small Announcement Postcard (Vertical)
27) Small Announcement Address Side
28) Exhibition Wall Labels
29) Press Release
30) Press Photo Information
31) Reproduction Criteria For Media
32) Exhibition Wall Statement

Release Forms

33) Model Release
34) Model Release - Short Form
35) Model Release for Minors
36) Property Release

Mailing Forms

37) Gallery Reply Postcard
38) Mailing List Postcard
39) Mailing List Update Postcard
40) Fragile Labels
41) Photos Do Not Bend Labels

To obtain all of the listed forms you will need to purchase them.

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