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Artist Print Delivery Memo

Use this form whenever you are delivering artwork. It provides an accurate list of what artworks have been delivered. When signed, your delivery memo will act as a contract acknowledging delivery of your work as well as the terms and conditions of the artwork being delivered.

On this page you'll find one sample artist business form and you'll also see information about how you use it or customize it to fit your needs. The form and the information have been taken directly from our publication " Creating A Successful Career In Photography." If you like what you see, information on how to order the book is located near the bottom of this page.

Artist Print Delivery Memo
(Form 21)

Print Deliver Memo PDF form

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Artist Print Delivery Memo
Additional instructions for using the form

Use this form whenever you are delivering artwork. It provides an accurate list of what artworks have been delivered. Also, when signed, your delivery memo will act as a contract acknowledging delivery of the work as well as your terms and conditions.

Once you have looked the form over, fill in the appropriate recipient information and list the photographs you are delivering. If you need more room to list your prints, you can print your terms and conditions on the reverse side of the memo, or you can block them into one single paragraph.

Each piece of art should be given an inventory number and the number written on the back of your work. This will make it easier to identify them in the future. One simple way to identify prints is to use a combination of letters and numbers, with the letters indicating the gallery or person who has the prints (for example SIG101 would indicate that print number SIG101 is at Silver Image Gallery).

The terms and conditions stated on your Print Delivery Memo will cover most uses related to fine art. When dealing with galleries your main concerns will be: 1) Both parties know the correct number of artworks delivered, along with the titles, prices, sizes and edition numbers. 2) The recipient acknowledges that the artwork was delivered in good condition and will return the work to the artist in the same condition. 3) The recipient is responsible for each photograph. 4) Objections to the terms must be made promptly in writing; and 5) Legal disputes will be settled through arbitration, and the recipient shall pay all arbitration and court costs associated with the dispute.

The terms and conditions should be modified to suit your needs. You should pay close attention to your delivery memo if it is used for reasons other than gallery print delivery. Stock photography for example, requires a very different and more specific delivery memo. If you would like additional information on specific usage rights, you should look into the publications of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). 

This memo should be printed on your stationery, and as with other important business forms, you should always keep a signed copy for your records.

The sample form and the text above came from:
Creating A Successful Career In Photography.

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