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Artist Press Photo Information

Press photos play a very significant role in art exhibition publicity. They are visual support for your press releases and they represent of your artwork. This form attaches to the back of your press photographs. It provides the media and other viewers of your press release photos with important information about your work, the press release images and where to return them.

On this page you'll find one sample artist business form and you'll also see information about how you use it or customize it to fit your needs.

The form and the information have been taken directly from our publication "Creating A Successful Career In Photography." If you like what you see, information on how to order the book is located near the bottom of this page.

Artist Press Photo Information
(Form 30)

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Artist Press Photo Information
Additional instructions for using the form

Press photos play a very significant role in exhibition publicity. They are visual support for your press releases and they provide the media with an accurate representation of your art.

You should always have several good press photos available. When you are sending out press releases, include one or two press photos, especially to the most important art reviewers. It is a good idea to provide both horizontal and vertical press photos. This will give editors more layout flexibility and increase your chances of having your photos used.

Daily and weekly newspapers usually provide very limited coverage of the visual arts. However, since they are important and likely sources for reviews, you need to provide them with good press photos as well as a good press release. If review space is in short supply, your photos might get reproduced, especially if the editor likes them. Select eye-catching images for your press photos. The main subject should be easy to see and understand, and the image should look good when printed at any size.

Press photos can also be effective for advance publicity. Monthly magazines, especially the photography publications are looking for interesting photographs that will grab the attention of their readers.

Press photographs should always be good quality prints, and they should be printed on 5" x 7" or 8" x 10" glossy paper. Many photographers now use Resin Coated (RC) paper for press photos.

Some photographers prefer to not to use original photographs for their press photos. They are concerned that the photographs will not be returned and that they may will end up on someone's wall. If you are worried about this consider making copy negatives and then making your press photos from them.

If your press photos are abstract, or if it is difficult to identify the top of your image, you should draw an arrow on the Press Photo Information form to indicate proper orientation.

It is a good idea to have additional press photos on hand at the gallery exhibiting your work. If a reviewer has a favorite photograph, it is advantageous to have that available as a press photo. Your gallery should also have a picture of you for publicity. Better yet, how about a self-portrait?

As a photographer, you have an advantage over other artists: your press photos are accurate representation of your artwork. When you are working with a gallery, make sure that your artist file always includes several press photographs.

This Press Photo Information form has been designed to be printed on Avery Laser Printer Labels #5164. Make the appropriate changes, print the labels, then place one on the back of each press photo.

The sample form and the text above came from:
Creating A Successful Career In Photography.

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