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Web Development for Artists and Art Galleries

We specialize in “Web Development” and “Search Engine Optimization” and we specialize in working with artists and art galleries. If you need our services or know of anyone that does, please let us know. The links below explain what we do and you'll also find links designed for those of you wanting to make your own websites. If you're interested in web development be sure to look this page over carefully because it leads you to a lot of valuable and informative  information. Also, the information is not just for artists or galleries, it's for anyone interested in creating or developing websites. If you have any question about web development or need our services we're here to help you, so be sure to let us know.

Artist Websites and Services - Information and Costs
Art Gallery Websites and Services - Information and Costs

Information on How to Create Websites

  1. Creating a Website - Getting Started

  2. Web Graphics and Scanning

  3. Web Maintenance and Site Tune-Ups

  4. Marketing and Promoting Your Website

  5. Designing Your Website

  6. Books on Web Development and Computing

  7. Information on Digital Photography

Quick Links to Register with Search Engines
This is a page that features links that go directly to the registration pages of the search engines. Using these links will save you time and eliminate the frustration of looking for the add-me or submit pages. Definitely register your website with with search engines because it will increase the chance of your website being indexed and found in the Internet. This section is a few years old. Search engines registration methods change frequently, however you might still find it useful. We have not updated the page recently.

Search Engine Optimization and Algorithms by Art-Support
Understanding how major search engines determine website ranking is important information that all web developers need to know. Get a glimpse into how search engines work, how they rank web pages, and how to improve your web pages. The top search engines are identified, briefly explained, and you will learn some tips for “search engine optimization” Read Article.

Website Tips for Artist's
By Ben Bread of the Afterimage Gallery in Dallas. They are one of the oldest photography galleries in the United States and Ben has taken time to write and interesting and informative article for artist. This article was written several years ago, but it's still worth reading.

Photography Bookstore
In association with, our bookstore features a nice selection of beautiful photography and art books, a selection of artist business books, DVD's and much more.

Our Bookstore   |   Direct path to amazon link


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